How Can We Grow Taller After Puberty?
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    It is generally accepted that physical activity encourages bone growth in humans. Scientific tests have shown that following vigorous training or (exercise), an increase of growth hormones has been observed in the human body. Note: While we recommend certain time limits to follow while performing all the exercises in this book, we do not however, recommend performing any of these exercises to the point of exhaustion. Do not overexert yourself. If you have a shortness of breath or become overly.

The exercises we have included here can be done at any time during the day. However, I do not mean for you to do all of them in one day - I have listed a few options. Do any of them which you feel comfortable doing. You can do one, two or ten, depending on where and when you do them, and how much time you have for these exercises. When you do these exercises also depends on when you eat and what you eat.
Here are a few things to bear in mind before exercising:

1. Wear loose clothing that does not restrict movement.
2. Stretching exercises should be performed bare-footed.
3. Empty your bladder and bowel before you begin.
4. Warm up before exercising.
5. Perform the stretching exercises slowly and smoothly in a controlled manner. This applies to going into a position and coming out of it.
6. Do not strain yourself beyond the point where you feel pain. If any exercise causes your legs to tingle, feel numb, or weak, discontinue the exercise.
7. Relax while stretching. Only a relaxed muscle will allow itself to be stretched.
8. Breathe naturally and smoothly.
9. Be patient and persistent. Do not rush or force yourself in any way.


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